Teresa started taking my bootcamp twice a week a few years ago. After a year of bootcamp and working out on her own, she made the leap and started training with me, also agreeing to follow my nutrition plan for her. Today, she continues making gains with her physique despite a shoulder injury that severely restricts her from doing any overhead, chest, or shoulder exercises. With my workout programming and "modern paleo" lifestyle plan, Teresa is in the best shape of her life at 42 years old and 45 pounds lighter! Congrats to her!

"I began working out with Nicole after being treated for a recurrent breast cancer. As a woman who has been active all of my life, I didn't expect her to teach me anything new, I was only looking for a little 'support' as I regained my strength and routine after surgeries and chemotherapy. I intended to utilize her for about 3 months. It is almost three years later and Nicole is still training me! I love her style of fitness. She incorporates strength training with cardio in every workout and I am never bored with the routine. (We have NEVER repeated any workout in the time I have known her!) She is an excellent trainer- she knows how to push me and she also knows when I should back off. I have never felt stronger and my overall health is great! My work life is extremely busy but the convenience of Nicole coming to my home has allowed me to continue to maintain my routine of working out regularly. She's a gem!" - J. Kelly B., 48


"Nicole changed my life with exercise and nutrition advice and training. I have never felt better physically and mentally."- Eric S., 43


"I have been working out with Nicole for the past 2 years now and I can comfortably say that the workout regimen was customized to my own personal fitness goals. Above all, the results were fantastic!" - Mohammad W., 24


"I have been training with Nicole since the fall of 2010 and I am a current client. I have trained with other trainers but I started working with Nicole because I changed clubs. I can say without any hesitation that Nicole is the best trainer I have ever worked with. When I started working with her my goal was to simply maintain my weight and fitness level (which I thought was pretty good at the time). Well, not only have I maintained my weight, but my fitness level has improved significantly! Nicole is very professional during workouts and she is never just “going through the motions”. She focuses on me for the full hour and pushes me to go beyond what I think I am capable of. What I like best about Nicole is that she NEVER, and I mean NEVER, repeats a workout; as a result, I never get bored and my body never plateaus. Nicole is able to vary my workouts because she stays current in her profession. She is always introducing new training philosophies and exercises that she studies into my workouts. And finally, it is not just about working out but it is about diet as well (unfortunately). Nicole provides me with invaluable nutritional information on how I can improve my fitness level and overall health based on what I eat. Whatever your goals are, Nicole is the trainer you can count on to reach them."  - Bob, 55


"Having trained with Nicole for 5 years, I've never been stronger and never felt better. Nicole brings the perfect combination of support, challenge and encouragement."  -Michelle, 61